If you are truly desperate to turn off Netflix subtitles in all of your devices then before getting into the entire process of shutting down subtitles on Netflix of any content you like to watch, you better be little aware of the primary objectives of the subtitles, so that, you would probably choose the best mode of shutting down Netflix subtitles according to your requirements instead of following any random solution to this issue. Sometimes without knowing the essential importance of any particular feature or application of any platform you just want to get rid of it because it seems a little annoying or useless to you. So, before getting into the step by step instructions of how to turn off subtitles on Netflix all you need to do is just to make sure that you don't have any kind of limitation to the prime purposes of Netflix subtitles given below.

Statute of Subtitles on Netflix:

  • People who are deaf or have hearing issues.
  • Unable to turn on audio while watching the video.
  • Comprehensive improvement for kids and avid readers.
  • Content not made in your language.
  • Increase concentration and engagement while watching a video.
  • Subtitles improve SEO ranking.

Now after going through these basics of subtitles if you need to give a second thought before turning off Netflix subtitles permanently on any of your devices then stop thinking because we are already here to have the best possible solutions by anticipating your problem in advance and that is why in this article you are going to get the easiest step by step teachings to turn off subtitles on Netflix in multiple appliances with the basic enabling information of how to how to turn on subtitle on Netflix. On the other hand, if you are sure about getting rid of Netflix subtitles permanently then you are on the right page at the right time to know the easiest options of how to turn off subtitles on Netflix permanently.

What is the difference between Netflix subtitle and Dubbed:

Now before getting into the accurate and authentic details of the user-friendly steps to turn off subtitles on Netflix we just want you to sight a glance at the basic difference between subtitles and dubbing, so that, you would never get confused with the different perspectives of the fundamental features of Netflix while selecting any content of your niche. Here, we are bestowing some bullet points for your basic as well as better understanding:

The substance of Subtitle:

  • Subtitles are written translations of the dialogue of your audiovisual content in different languages and they get displayed either on the top or at the bottom of your screen.
  • The main motto of the subtitles is to reach out to the widest range of audiences by overcoming the linguistic limitation of different regional content.
  • Since introducing subtitles in any audiovisual content is quite cost-effective therefore many countries such as Russia and Poland like to use subtitles for their content.
  • Subtitles are one of the best options for physically challenged, autistic and deaf people to enjoy every audiovisual content from all over the world and that's why according to the United States, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) every television program must have appropriate subtitles in them.
  • Subtitles are very easy to read and comprehend with the original dialogues of the content.
  • It also helps to improve the viewers' language skills, reading skills and concentration level.
  • People also get distracted as well as disturbed by focusing on reading subtitles instead of enjoying the content thoroughly.
  • Sometimes the original essence of the content has been compromised in the subtitles and the audience has missed out on some of the quality substance of the content.

Draft of Dubbing:

  • Dubbing is a process of rebuilding the original dialogue of any audiovisual content with any local language by involving different steps of script translation, voice casting, voice actor recording and dialogue mixing.
  • In the case of film censorship, dubbing is a priority for people of different languages. Dubbing always makes things easier for audiences across the world to explore a variety of content by breaking all the geographical barriers.
  • Even though dubbing is comparatively 15 times more costly than the introduction of subtitles, it is one of the most creative inventions of the entertainment industry when it comes to kids and visually challenged people who really can't read the subtitles.
  • While watching any dubbed content you wouldn't probably miss out on the substantial essence of the original content since the main purpose of any dubbed content is to maintain the originality and authenticity of the content.
  • Most of the popular children and animated movies have been dubbed to widen up their global reach.
  • The entire process of dubbing involves lots of advanced technologies, lip synchronisation, voice-over, recordings, script translation and the list could go on. That is why most of the content creators don't afford to dub their content in various languages and they prefer to add subtitles instead.

How we can turn off Netflix subtitles on a different device:

Now you have probably come across various methods and steps and processes to turn off subtitles on Netflix but it may not work on your device. If I have guessed right then stop worrying you will be sorted soon. Here all you have to do is just to go through the details of the step by step options given below thoroughly, you wouldn't need any further help for sure.

Android, IOS, PC, MAC, Wii U and Nook:


You have to click or tap a video to start playback.


Next, you tap the screen or drag the mouse cursor for showing the playback control then click or tap the "Dialog" icon.

Step 3:

Select the "Subtitles" option first once it appears on your screen and then you choose the "Off" mood to close the subtitles on Netflix and then click or tap on the "Done" option to get back to your video.

Apple TV


First, scroll down the "Menu" button on the remote of the Apple TV to reach the main menu section.


Now you choose "Settings" and "General" options and after that navigate the Accessibility menu and then select " Closed Captions + SDH".


From the "Closed Options+SDH" menu select the "Off" options to turn off subtitle Netflix.

Roku, Google TV, Different Blu-ray and Streaming Devices:


Select any of your favourite videos from the Netflix library and before the video gets started there is a menu option that appears on the screen with various types of playback preferences.


Select the "Audio and Subtitle" Option from the menu and then choose "the Off" option from the subtitle menu to turn off subtitles on Netflix.


Finally press the "Back" option to get back to the main menu and then select the "Play" option to start the video. In the case of Google TV, you just need to select the "Play" option after turning off the subtitles on Netflix mode.

Google Chromecast:


First, you play any video and then tap on the screen when the video is still playing.


Wait for the "Dialogue" icon to appear on your screen and then two on it.


Once the audio or subtitle option appears on the screen, you just need to tap the "Off" option which will be under the subtitle option to turn off subtitles on Netflix.


Finally, tap the "Ok" or "X" icon to return to the playback mode.

PlayStation 4:


First, you need to pause the video you are watching to pull up the in-player menu on the screen by scrolling down the button of your PS4 controller.


Now, keep on scrolling until the "Dialogue" menu pops out and once it appears, select it.


Then go for the subtitle option and choose the "Off" icon that appears under the subtitle option to turn off subtitles on Netflix.

Xbox one:


During the video on mode scroll down your Xbox controller down button to navigate the in-player menu.


Now, select the "Dialogue" option from the in-player menu.


Then search for the subtitle and audio option and once it appears on your screen, go for the subtitle option to choose the "Off" icon to turn off subtitles Netflix.

Amazon Fire TV:


First, you have to select the menu button on the Five TV remote control and if you are operating your Fire TV from your mobile device then you should select the menu button on the Fire TV remote app.


Next, you choose the " Turn Caption Off" option to turn off the Netflix subtitles.

From Netflix turn off subtitle details to how to turn on subtitle on Netflix:

Now, if you have faced a very common issue of Netflix subtitles not working or Netflix subtitles won't turn off then after following the above-mentioned steps, I am sure you will never come across any of such problems in any of your devices. Now, while getting the best possible solutions to how to turn subtitles off on Netflix, you should also be aware of how to turn on subtitles on Netflix whenever you need to. Since Netflix provides you with the most user-friendly subtitle enabling option through their globe feature therefore you probably have the easiest as well as the smartest answer to the commonly asked questions on how to get subtitles on Netflix. Here, all you need to do is just to find out the "Dialogue" icon from the menu and then select the "audio and subtitles" option and choose your preferred language of subtitles and finally go back to your video playback mode.

Smartest ways to download Netflix movies/shows offline on windows/mac:

As you all know, downloading online videos is one high demand because you can watch them anytime anywhere according to your convenience without having any internet access. Though it sounds very intriguing, you might be thinking that the entire process would be very complex and time-consuming. We are not denying the probability you may have faced earlier but this time all that is needed is just a few clicks on the fastest, smartest and most user-friendly options of downloader keepstreams for Netflix with its highlighting features.


  • Download any of your favourite Netflix content in 720p to 1080p along with 4k and 8k streaming options.
  • The high definition features of this software would never compromise the quality of your offline video watching experience.
  • Select the smart feature of the picture quality check box to choose the resolution of downloading content according to your specifications.
  • The Faster Netflix video downloader option allows you to download your video within a minute.
  • High-speed features of keepstreams save your time to download mass content at a time.
  • Customisable subtitles and metadata information allows you to save and create your content library in your preferred language.
  • The batch download feature would help you to download content automatically with its parts, series or seasons.
  • Once you would enable the no-ads interruption features of this software you would enjoy your offline videos without any commercial ads.
  • The stereo soundtrack quality of 5.1AAC would give you an outstanding listening experience in your offline watching.

Easy step by step downloading process of keepstreams for Netflix:


Once you are done with the installation of keepstreams for Netflix then click on the keepstreams for Netflix option to access the Netflix service option.


Next, you need to log in to your Netflix account with your mail id and password.


Through the service interface of this software, you can select any of your favourite videos that you want to download from Netflix.


While selecting the video you also need to select your preferred language by using subtitles and metadata info for your download.


Once the download process is done you can easily save the file in the SRT folder to share it with others and transfer it to different devices through a USB cable.

So, this time don't compromise any original feature of your favourite video on Netflix with the best downloading feature of keepstreams for Netflix.

FAQ Questions Related to the topic:

1. Why do subtitles come up again and again after turning it off on Netflix?

If despite enabling the Netflix turn off subtitles features the subtitles still keep coming on your screen while watching any video on Netflix then it has nothing to do with the technicalities of Netflix. Instead, the problem lies in your setting option where you probably have turned on any of the subtitles enabling options in your device. So, to turn off subtitles on Netflix permanently you have to find that particular option from exploring the main menu option and once you would find it, just disable it.

2. Why are your Netflix subtitles not changing?

If your subtitles feature is not working on your device then you have to probably change the subtitle option for refreshing the data. Now, first of all, you have to play any video content of Netflix on your device and then you need to access the Video Control tab option. Once you have found it, you just tap on the subtitle icon and select subtitles of any other language to refresh the subtitle feature of Netflix on your device.

3. Why do few Netflix shows have multiple subtitles?

Netflix usually gives you 5 to 7 most suitable subtitle language options to most of their video content depending on your location and language settings. But if you have downloaded any Netflix content on your device to watch it offline then only the 2 best-suited language options will be shown on your screen.

So, after going through this entire article you would probably have the most authentic as well as effective answers to all of your questions including how to turn off subtitles on Netflix or how to turn on subtitles in Netflix. But while enabling or disabling the subtitle features on Netflix, you just need to keep one thing in your mind that instead of choosing any permanent method, you better be flexible enough to make the most out of this feature according to your specific requirements. Since, Netflix, being one of the biggest OTT platforms, has intended different types of features and functions in their app to meet up its consumers' satisfaction with utmost importance therefore instead of getting rid of any of its features permanently, you should always keep an option open to access these features depending on your situation. And that is why this article would give you enough flexibility to turn on or turn off the subtitle features on Netflix

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