You can watch various channels on AbemaTV's TV & video entertainment service. Sometimes, too! I've heard that ABEMA Premium allows you to record, but is that true? Is it true?
If you have those questions, please continue reading.

Let me introduce you to the ABEMA Premium Plan.

There are two plans available at ABEMA.

  • Basic (free)

  • Premium (paid)

Each plan has its own set of available movies and features. In addition to the above plans, ABEMA also offers

  • Rental

  • Pay-Per-View (Online LIVE)

Regardless of your plan, you can purchase ABEMA Coins to use each service.

abema plan1

ABEMA's two plans

Basic (free)
You can watch TV programs and some video clips on air.

ABEMA Premium (paid)
ABEMA Premium is available for a monthly fee of 960 yen (tax included).
If you register for Premium, you will be able to watch all Premium titles.
You can also use [Video Download], [Playback], and [Missed Comment] functions.

ABEMA Premium Free Trial
If you are new to ABEMA Premium, you can take advantage of a free trial for a certain period of time. The free trial period is two weeks.

Can I record Abema TV?

ABEMA does not have a "screen recording" feature, but it does have a feature called "My Videos" that allows you to watch your favorite programs at any time, just like the recording and reservation feature.
"My Video is like a favorites list, and you can view a list of programs you have added to My Video.
If you use the program list or search function to add programs you want to record to My Video, you can use it as a recording list.
If there is a program that you cannot watch in real time, it is recommended to add it to "My Video" and watch it later if you miss it.
In other words, Abema TV does not have the recording function now, but you can download the content later.

How to record Abema TV: use My Videos

My Video is a page where you can check the list of programs you have added to My Video.
By adding programs that you cannot watch during the broadcast time to My Video in advance, you can use it like a video screen recording function.
It is also a very convenient feature that allows you to add your favorite programs/videos for easy playback anytime.
Now, please see below for the operation method. This method can be used on any smartphone/tablet, PC PC, Android TV/Fire TV, and Apple TV.

How to add a show to My Video

  1. tap the program you want to add to My Video from the Program List or Program Search

  2. tap [Add to My Video] on the program details page.

How to open My Video

  1. open the device menu

  2. Select [My Videos].

How to delete a program in My Videos
Open [My Videos] and tap the trash can symbol or mark on the right side of the program you want to delete.

How to watch ABEMA on TV

You cannot purchase pay-per-view on your TV device, but you can watch it. You can link your account (ID) that you purchased pay-per-view on the app or computer to your TV device to enjoy it on the big screen. Now let's see how.

Enjoy ABEMA Video on the big screen!

ABEMA Video became compatible with TV devices on December 19, 2017.
The supported TV devices are as follows.

  • Amazon Fire TV/Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Android TV

  • Apple TV (4th generation)

  • Chromecast (Google Cast) (Recommended environment: 1st generation or later)

    • iOS devices

    • Android device

Download Abema TV and watch it on TV

If your TV device doesn't support it, you can use MyStream AbemaTV Downloader to download AbemaTV, save it, and then transfer the file to your TV. You can also download videos from other streaming sites like Netflix download.
There are only three steps to download AbemaTV offline with MyStream. Please go to the official website to download and install the MyStream AbemaTV Downloader beforehand.
Step 1: Access AbemaTV with MyStream Downloader

Step 2: Select the video you want to download in your browser.


Step 3: Click "Download Now" to download the video.

The download will start automatically in the background. You can also add other videos to the task queue to download.