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Part 1: Why you need a YouTube to MP4 HD converter?
Part 2: Introducing - a YouTube to MP4 HD converter!
Part 3: How to download long YouTube videos without losing quality [1080p and 4K]
Part 4: How to rip audio from YouTube videos?
Part 5: Conclusion

Back in 2005, three former PayPal employees launched a new online video-sharing platform dubbed YouTube. Since the official launch, the video streaming platform managed to be a prominent go-to place for entertainment and informational content. Well, it looks like that is not going to change anytime soon. Considering the popularity of the platform and the quality of the content, you might be looking for ways to download your favorite YouTube videos in high quality.

As you might have guessed, there are already many software and online websites that allow you to download YouTube videos on your personal device. Yes! We’re talking about a YouTube to MP4 HD converter. While all the YouTube downloader claims to work perfectly, most of them end up disappointing. With YouTube changing the way it stores videos on its servers, it is becoming hard to download YouTube videos in high-quality. Well, that is what we’re going to address in this article.

Why you need a YouTube to MP4 HD converter?

You might need a YouTube to MP4 HD converter or simply a YouTube video downloader for a variety of reasons. First up, the increasing demand for high-quality YouTube video results in an increased video size. Not everyone has a stable or unlimited internet bandwidth to stream 4K, 2K, 1080p, or 720p YouTube videos.

Secondly, downloading YouTube videos in high-quality allows you to watch them whenever you want and on any device. Even if your internet connection is experiencing a long downtime, downloaded videos can help you keep the sanity.

how to download youtube 4k videos?

The tool that we’re about to mention acts as a YouTube video downloader supporting 1080p resolution. This means that it can convert YouTube videos to MP4 in 1080p video quality. Furthermore, you can use this tool to rip audio files, which is something we’re going to look at later on. Without any further ado, let’s talk about the software and see how you can do YouTube to MP4 high quality conversion.

Note: It is worth noting that downloading and sharing YouTube videos is against the policy of the company. YouTube monetizes its video so that the company and the creator can earn money. Downloading these videos offline prevents them from doing so. However, if you have your own reasons for downloading YouTube videos, we recommend refraining from sharing them and keeping them for personal use only. In no way do we promote our readers to view original content without giving the creator the benefit.

Introducing - a YouTube to MP4 HD converter!

If you’re looking for a YouTube video downloader that actually works, then we have something for you -- flvto. It’s a web-based YouTube video downloader that works without asking you to download standalone software. The web app doesn’t have any annoying ads or popups, meaning the entire user experience is top-notch. Now, let’s talk about the real deal here - all the video quality supported by this mighty tool.

what resolution is supported by flvto?

  • 4K

  • 2K or 1440p

  • HD 1080p

  • HD 720p

  • 480p

  • 360p

  • 240p

  • 144p

Out of all these, the common video quality has to be the 720p. With that said, if YouTube video is available in 4K resolution, then you will be able to download it quite easily. Even though the service is completely free, the developer is offering unlimited conversion, which is insane. To top things off, there is no limit to video length, meaning you can download long YouTube videos as well.

Surprisingly, this YouTube to MP4 HD converter offers high download speed making it the fastest YouTube video downloader. Lastly, Flvtodoesn’t ask you to sign up or register to enjoy the conversion. For those who’re unaware, the downloaded video output is MP4 which is supported by all the media players out there. All of these combined makes it a perfect YouTube to MP4 high quality conversion tool.

How to download long YouTube videos without losing quality [1080p and 4K]

While using Flvto is quite easy and straightforward, some users might end up facing a few problems. That is why we decided to cover a detailed step-by-step guide of the process. Before we jump right into it, it is worth noting that Flvto offers conversion in lossless quality. For those who’re unaware, YouTube now stores audio and video separately, making it hard for downloaders to do the conversion. Well, that’s not the case with this YouTube to MP4 HD conversion tool.

Here’s how you can download 4K videos from YouTube with a single click of a button:

step 1 to download high quality youtube video

  1. Head over to Flvto website on your personal device

  2. Now, copy your favorite YouTube video link and paste it inside the empty link field on the homepage of the website.

  3. Once copied, you need to hit or click the Download button. This will take you to another page allowing you to select video quality.

  4. Select the appropriate video quality and then press the Download button.

step 2 to to download 4k or 1080p youtube video

That’s it! You can now easily download YouTube to MP4 HD videos from the Flvto website. Since there is no video length limit, you can easily download long YouTube videos with ease. Thanks to the support of up to 4K resolution, is one of the best YouTube to MP4 high quality conversion software out there.

How to rip audio from YouTube videos?

Apart from YouTube to MP4 HD conversion, Flvtois also capable of ripping audio from the videos. When you paste the YouTube video link and click the download button, you will see an option to download YouTube videos in MP3 format. Sadly, the only supported quality is 128kbps. If you don’t mind that, then you can use this fastest YouTube video downloader as an audio ripper as well.

In the future, it would be great to see higher quality audio conversion support from the developers. The addition of the same would make Flvtoan all-in-one YouTube conversion online tool out there that offers YouTube to MP4 1080p and YouTube to MP4 4K conversion.


A YouTube to MP4 1080p converter should come in handy if you’re someone who likes to keep your favorite videos within reach. Furthermore, if you’re mostly traveling all the time, keeping YouTube videos on your device will allow you to consume the content on the go without worrying about internet connectivity. Keeping that in mind, we have discussed a free and popular YouTube to MP4 HD converter dubbed Flvto that brings a plethora of benefits to the table.

To save you from the hassle, we also showcased how you can use this high-quality YouTube to MP4 converter free online tool to download YouTube videos in our step-by-step guide. After going through all these, you will be able to download YouTube videos on your personal device easefully. As mentioned earlier, there are, of course, a bunch of other tools and software out there that serves the same purpose. If you’ve been using one already, then make sure to let us and our readers know by hopping down in the comments down below.

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