Hulu has been one of the most looked forward to video streaming services in the US and other parts of the world and has been your one-stop solution for everything related to movies, TV shows, and a wide range of other content. However, one of the major issues you come across with Hulu is it does not let you download the videos. We thought of checking out the best options to help you in Hulu download offline. Let us check out a few options to download Hulu shows?

Can You Download Shows on Hulu?

Hulu is indeed a paid streaming service and that is exactly why you are expected to meet a few important requirements before you can download the videos on the platform. If you are wondering how to answer the question - can you download Hulu episodes – Hulu lets you download the shows, but the process comes with a catch.

Hulu has brought the option to download videos on its platform, but the option is available only for the monthly plans with no Ads which costs around $11.99. The feature is available both on the iOS and Android apps from Hulu. There will also be a limit on the number of shows you can download. Hulu has stated that you can download only up to 25 titles across five devices.

10 Hulu Downloaders You Can Rely Upon

With the above limitations on the Hulu downloads, it assumes a lot of importance to pick the best third party options to help you download Hulu episodes or shows. We checked out the best options for how to download Hulu shows using several Hulu downloader options.

The Hulu Downloader tools to download Hulu episodes

We will check out a few of the best Hulu downloader options we thought of checking out.

1. MyStream HuluDownloader

MySream Hulu Downloaderlets you download videos from several video services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ apart from Hulu. Several video sharing services will be added soon to the platform. One of the huge strengths of the tools is it lets you download videos in quality up to 1080p and 5.1 audio.

download hulu shows

The MyStream Hulu Downloader lets you retain the subtitles and metadata intact. This can be a great option to help you organize your media in the right genres. The ability to remux the subtitles and save them as .srt fils can be one of the best options in the long run. Almost all the metadata such as movie name, cast, genre, plot, and the storyline is retained which is extremely helpful in creating your library.

How to download on Hulu using MyStream Hulu Downloader Downloader?

  • Choose a service such as Hulu or Amazon as per your preferences.
  • The service will launch on the portal.
  • Sign in to your account and play the video you are interested in playing.
  • As soon as you begin playing the content, the service will download it.

2. Wondershare AllMyTube

This is yet another excellent option that has proved itself to be a good Hulu downloader. Available for both Windows and Mac, it let you stream the video while downloading it. The software supports a wide range of video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion to name a few.

download hulu showsThe video download software provides you access to a built-in video player and as such, you do not need to use any separate video player to check the downloaded video. You can even convert your videos to different formats of your choice. The batch download feature should be yet another huge plus point for the software. However, the tool may have a huge load on your system resources.

How to download Hulu shows on the software?

  • Launch the software and browse the Hulu website
  • Go to the video you want to download
  • Click the Download button
  • You may also copy-paste the video URL to download the video

3. BBFly Hulu Downloader

BBFly Hulu Downloader comes with an advanced option for downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook. The tool also works great as a good option to download Hulu episodes. The simple two-step functionality should ideally make an easy to use tool.

BBFly hulu downloader

The software is completely free with no adware. You can be assured of a faster download speed. It can even help you in converting your videos into the mp4 video formats of your choice. However, the free trial options are quite limited.

How to download Hulu on it?

  • Launch BBFly Hulu Downloader
  • Choose Hulu from VIP Service
  • Pick the option to pick video resolution
  • You can directly download the videoin the mp4 format

4. Allavsoft Video Downloader

Allavsoft video downloader is yet another powerful Hulu downloader that comes with a host of advanced technologies for streaming online media content. It offers you a very cost-effective means for downloading your favorite shows. The software supports a wide range of options for Hulu, YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo Screen, and other websites.

download hulu shows

The video streaming is auto-detected and thus provides you access to all the more functional options. You can download your Hulu videos in multiple formats. The availability of the bulk or batch download functionality further improves your experience. The software also lets you edit your videos with trim, crop, and similar basic editing options.

How to download Hulu shows:

  • Launch Allavsoft
  • Add Hulu video URL to the software
  • Choose the output format
  • Click on the Download option to download the video

5. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader

If you are looking for an outstanding experience for the best possible experience in downloading Hulu videos of your preference. Available both on Windows and Mac, the software can download videos from several services that include YouTube, Metcafe, TED, and many more.

download hulu shows

The software does come with an inbuilt video player that can begin playing your downloaded videos right away. The video converter feature should be one of the enhanced options to help you convert your videos to your desired format. The easy to use two-step download functionality should be yet another worthy option you will find rather impressive.

How to download Hulu shows

  • Run the downloader
  • Launch Hulu website and start playing the video
  • Click on REC button to begin recording the screen
  • You can pick the screen area and the other customizations

6. Stream Transport

The app comes with a retro look but offers you an excellent functionality that truly enhances your experience in downloading Hulu episodes. One of the huge advantages offered by the software is it is completely free. It can easily pull videos from several protocols such as HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, and RTMPTE.

download hulu episodes

Support for a huge range of video sharing services such as Hulu, Veoh, Boxee, Joost, YouTube, Yahoo Video, CBS, SVTPlay, TV4Play further makes it a reliable service. However, it has not received any update for the last six years and that may be one of the serious concerns.

How to download Hulu shows:

  • Launch Stream Transport
  • Open the video you want to download on the software
  • Click on the option to download the video

The Screen capture tools to download Hulu

One of the best means that can be helpful in Hulu to MP4, the screen capture tools can let you record your entire device screen or even a part of it. This can help record your Hulu shows in MP4 and other formats.

1. Movavi Screen Capture

The screen capture or screen recorder tool can be a robust option for Hulu download offline. You can simply play your Hulu shows and episodes on your screen and capture the happenings on the screen without hassles. You can even select your entire screen or a part of it.

Download hulu shows

You can get the software for both Windows and Mac devices alike. The best part with the screen capture software lies in the fact that it lets you download videos in HD quality. There are several functionalities available on the software that includes saving gaming tutorials, downloading YouTube videos, and even saving audio from music services such as Spotify. However, you do not have access to the conversion functionality.

How to download Hulu

  • Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio.
  • Select ‘Capture screen’
  • Change screen capture area
  • Press REC and begin playing Hulu video

2. Any Video Recorder

Any Video Recorder simply captures your screen and helps you record the screen without any sort of adware. A user-friendly interface and a completely free functionality should be what would make it one of the most reliable Hulu downloader alternatives.

Download hulu shows and episodes

It can capture the streaming video from multiple video streaming services that include Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. You can customize the output video quality by making changes to the frame rate and bit rate. It can even handle protected videos and even encrypted DVDs.

How to download Hulu on AVC

  • Launch AVC
  • Customize recording options
  • Launch Hulu video and click on Record Now button
  • Once the video is detected, click on REC to begin recording

3. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

The Aiseesoft Screen Recorder has been rated to be one of the excellent choices for recording your screen. Whether you are on Mac or Windows, you should be able to use the tool without hiccups. It can double up as a good option for video game recorder, Skype call capture, and even YouTube video recording app.

The software can record either online audio, streaming audio, or even microphone audio. This can help create tutorials and gaming walkthroughs. It can also double up as one of the prominent options to take screenshots. The ability to edit the recording is yet another huge advantage offered by the service. As for the audio/video quality, you get 6 levels to choose from.

How to download Hulu shows

  • Install the software
  • Launch Hulu and play the video you want to download
  • Choose Screen Recorder to begin recording the screen. You can adjust the screen area and other parameters.

4. AceThinker Video Keeper

The AceThinker Video Keeper is yet another powerful screen capture tool that works efficiently in letting you capture the screen and download the content on your screen quite easily. The screen capture tool works effectively and efficiently with a wide range of video streaming services such as Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, TED, Metacafe, Lynda, Veoh, and MyVideo.

It can easily download your videos in multiple formats that include HD, SD, and 4K. Supports a huge range of video formats that include MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, and ASF formats. The batch download functionality with up to five videos at a time can be what makes it one of the thoughtful inclusions. Several device-specific pre-sets for devices such as Phone, iPad, Apple TV, Android phones, tablets, PSP, PS3, Xbox, and similar devices.

How to download Hulu shows

  • Install Screen Grabber
  • Click on three dots on top right to customize recording
  • Click on Screen recorder option to begin recording

Recommended – MyStream as the best Hulu downloader

Online tools for downloading video content have always been the most preferred options for the ease of service that they offer. The extreme versatility offered by the online softwareMySream Hulu has been impressive in every respect. It also doubles up as one of the prominent options for a high-quality video downloader.

download hulu shows

A 100 percent free Hulu downloader, it does support more than 1000 different sites. The tool works seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms. You will find it working effectively for a wide range of operating systems that include Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Faster download options can further enhance your experience.

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BBFly Hulu Downloader
Download Endless Entertainment, Sports, Shows and Movies from Hulu in 1080p.
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Y2Mate Hulu Downloader
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FlixPal Hulu Downloader
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BBFly Hulu Downloader
BBFly Hulu Downloader
Download Endless Entertainment, Sports, Shows and Movies from Hulu in 1080p.
Y2Mate Hulu Downloader
Y2Mate Hulu Downloader
Support Downloading Hulu Shows, Movies, TVs and Originals in 1080p.
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FlixPal Hulu Downloader
Download Any Video, Movie, or TV Show from Hulu and Hulu JP.