Whatever your mood is, maybe, you want to work from home and binge-watch your favorite series? Maybe you are feeling a bit low and want to listen to your motivational playlist? Is your best friend's birthday tomorrow and you forget to order a gift and now you wonder how it will ship in a day? Amazon Prime has your back! However, it is important for you to know that there are several snags you might come across, and eventually causing Amazon Prime not working issue. Now, in such a situation, your only response should be to give it a try to resolve the error manually!

Undeniably, with outstanding features like free-two-day shipping, same day hourly shipping, unlimited streaming videos, music, photo storage, accessibility of kindle's library, scheduled delivery, wardrobe clothing try-on services, exclusive fashion brands, and a glimpse of unique content in the form of movies, series, and documentaries, Amazon Prime welcomes you to a world of comfort, ease and luxury. But, even Amazon Prime is not immune from emerging technical issues like Amazon Prime not working on TV or popping up of different error codes like 1060.

Have a look at the list of Error codes that you might have encountered on Amazon Prime!

List of Major Amazon Prime Video Error Codes and Error Messages

Usually, the users do witness a lot of error codes, like Amazon Prime error code 1060 or 5004. Apart from this, there is a huge list of error codes that might have popped up on your screen and got you furious. Check out the list here!

  1. Amazon Prime error code 1060

  2. Amazon Prime error code 5004

  3. Amazon Prime error code 9345

  4. Amazon Prime Video Error 7031

  5. Playing Prime Video Error with Titles

  6. Amazon Prime Video Error 6085

  7. Amazon Prime Video Error 1061

  8. Amazon Prime Video Error 5505

  9. Amazon Prime Video Error 9912

  10. Amazon Prime Video Error 3565

  11. error code plr_prs_call_failed amazon video

  12. Amazon Prime Video Error code 3521

  13. Amazon Prime error code 6084

In this blog, you will learn about the different kinds of error codes that have incredibly disappointed Prime viewers and their common reason and solution!

Primary Amazon Video Error Codes: Reasons and Instant Solutions

The list of Amazon error codes is enormous, and so many times, it gets confusing! However, don't worry as here you would not only get to know about the proper names of the error codes, but you can find out about the reasons behind its occurrence, the devices it will affect, and its common yet instant solution. Go through the blog to find ways to fix Amazon Prime error Code 5004 and many others!

Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 with Instant Solutions and Causes

What does Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 Suggest?

Prime Video is error 1060 is quite frequent. And, there are innumerable reasons behind the same. Generally, the problem occurs when there is some sort of issue with connectivity (Poor Internet.) However, there are other factors are also linked. While facing the issue, you will be prohibited from downloading the video or even from watching them.

Reasons for error code 1060 on Amazon Prime:

Poor Bandwidth and Slow Internet. Sometimes it is also caused due to Amazon's server problem.

Devices getting affected by Amazon error 1060:

Irrespective of any type of device, error code 1060 affects several platforms. It affects almost all streaming devices, whether you are trying to access Prime Video from the web browser or any other platform. If the device has the App of Amazon Video, you can face the issue.

It also affects the game consoles like Roku and Blu Ray Players

How to fix Amazon Prime error code 1060?
  • After noticing Amazon Prime not working due to error code 1060, the first thing that you need to do is to check for the internet connection. Get rid of unstable internet connectivity. You can also go and check the speed from speedtest.net .

  • Next, you are supposed to exit all the programs opened on your system. It will save a lot of bandwidth.

  • Just in case if the problem persists, you can try resetting the router or modem by long-pressing its button.

  • Alternatively, you can also try to restart the modem and then try disabling the proxy servers.

Causes and Fixes for Amazon Prime Error Code 5004

All you need to know about the Amazon Error code 5004

The users often come across Amazon Prime Error code 5004 when trying to sign in to their Amazon Prime Video server on their computer or another streaming device. You can also contact customer service at amazon.co.uk/videohelp 'is the message that you receive on your screen while coming across 5004 error. The error usually occurs due to authentication issues.

Reasons behind the emergence of Code 5004 error on Amazon

Before you skip to the part of resolving the error, you must try to find out the leading causes which led to the emergence of the issue, have a look at the list of reasons:

  • Unstable internet connectivity
  • Usage of VPN
  • Unwanted firewalls
  • Issues associated with network or firewall
  • Sign-in Problems
  • Security software blocking the access
  • Presence of cookies and junk data
  • Outdated version of App
How to fix it Amazon error 5004?
  • Ensure a stable source of internet

  • Disabling Proxy or VPN is advisable

  • Don't forget to terminate firewalls

  • No storage of old cache and cookies

  • Important to re-install the Amazon Prime application

Possible Reasoning and Immediate Resolution behind Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

What do you mean by Error 9345 on Amazon Prime?

Many users complain that they often face issues when watching TV series or movies online, and the error 9345 pops up, or they witness problems like Prime video not working . The error code 9345 is related to your account's payment method, maybe because of an expired credit card or invalid information.

Why do users have to face Amazon Error 9345?
  • Issues with the payment plan
  • TCIP.IP Network inconsistency
  • If the temporary data is totally faulty
How are you supposed to get rid of error code 9345 on Amazon Prime?
  • Check out the internet connection

  • Reinstall, Restart or Refresh the Amazon Prime App

  • Keep track of the updates

  • Track the payment method

Amazon Prime Error Code 7031: Reasons And Solutions

What is Amazon Prime Video Error 7031?

Facing Amazon Prime not working on TV or Error 7031 are typical troubles faced by the users. It shows the unavailability of the video content. However, this error seems to appear for specific videos or movies in the streaming library. It occurs while playing Prime Video Titles.

What could be the reasons behind Prime Error 7031?
  • Issues related to Amazon Server Issue
  • Com Domain server issues
  • The tracking feature is enabled on Chrome
  • Two-Step verification required for PlayOn
  • An attempt to stream Geo-Locked Content
How to fix Amazon error code 7031?
  • Don't use the private mode of the browser

  • You must close and then reopen your Amazon Prime Video

  • Try to restart the device

  • Check out for latest updates

  • Make sure that your external device connected must be compatible with the HD Content

  • Immediately stop the devices that are linked to the same network

  • It is important for to check for the stability of the source of internet

  • Check out whether you can connect to the internet or other devices

  • Resolve issues in Chrome Browser

  • Try to get access on Vivaldi or Chromium browsers

Amazon Prime Video Titles Error Code: Reasons And Solutions

What is playing Video Titles Error code on Amazon?

Amazon Prime not working or issues in playing Prime video titles errors are quite common. It keeps on recurring and affecting the video streaming performance. Sometimes, the error occurs with the video titles.

Reasons behind Video Titles Error code on Amazon
  • Poor internet connection
  • Hardware or software issues
  • Maybe the server is down
  • You must also check if Amazon Prime Video servers are active
How to fix Amazon Prime Video Titles Error Messages
  • You must close the Prime Video app on your device

  • Don't forget to restart the system which are being directly connected to the other devices

  • Now, you should have the latest updates on your browser and device

  • Don't prefer using one account on various devices.

  • You must pause other internet connections and establish a strong connection

  • Update your device's DNS Settings

  • Deactivate any VPN or proxy servers

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 6085: Reasons And Solutions

What is Amazon Prime Error code 6085?

Amazon Prime Error code was trending on Twitter, and users were unable to stream videos.

As per the reports, the users are broadly affected with the outage in countries like the USA, and other European parts of the world suggested by down detector. When this error occurs, you will not be able to stream the live content you want to if you face issues, probably because the fault is associated with the browser.

Devices getting affected by Amazon error 6085

This Amazon Prime Error code 6085 might bother you with TV, Android TV, or video consoles.

Reasons behind error 6085 on Amazon Prime

One of the main reasons behind Amazon Error 6085 could be internet connectivity issues.

Easy Solutions behind the Prime error message 6085
  • Start with the basics of having a strong internet connection

  • Restart your device

  • You must use web version or browser

  • You can also re-download Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Error Code 1061: Reasons And Solutions

What is Amazon Prime Error code 1061?

Issues like Amazon Prime are not working , or error codes 1061 are standard errors. This error indicates a network connection. It means that Amazon Prime servers are unable to connect to devices. The error code usually happens with firestick users.

Devices getting affected by Amazon error 1061
  • Firestick and Android
Reasons behind the error:
  • Poor or sluggish wifi signal
How to fix it Prime Error Code 1061?
  • You need to remove the Amazon Firestick from your device or TV as soon as possible

  • Disconnection of Amazon Fire Stick from your wifi is recommended

  • Completion of a proper and manual reset needs to done on your internet modem or router

  • Now, atleast you can simply 60 seconds, just before reconnecting all the wires

  • Then, you must insert the Amazon Firestick

  • Now, you should turn on the Amazon Firestick

  • Amazon Prime application is supposed to be re-launched

Reasons with Instant Fixes for Amazon Prime Error Code 5505

What do you mean by Amazon Prime Video Error 5505?

When Amazon Prime Video Error 5505 occurs, there is no content shown on your Fire TV screen. It is assigned for video or application, which is an unavailable error.

Devices getting affected by Prime Video error code 5505
  • Firestick
Reasons behind 5505 error on Amazon Prime
  • Have you recently shifted to a different country carrying your Amazon Firestick and might forget to change the country settings
  • Wrong Location Settings
  • Check your internet connection
  • Issues related to VPN
How to fix it?
  • Check out the internet connection

  • Look up into the country settings

  • Re-Register the device now

Amazon Prime Error Code 9912: Reasons and Solutions

What is Amazon Prime Video Error 9912?

When the server is down, you will see 9912 error message on your screen. The error stops the video streaming immediately.

  • Android
  • Tv
  • Video Game console
Reasons behind error code 9912 on Prime Video
  • Issues related to updating of your Amazon Application and Fire TV
  • Internet connection problems
  • Problems related to caches
  • Maybe App is not updated
How to fix it Amazon Error 9912?
  • Perform power cycle on your device

  • Make sure the internet source is strong enough and stable

  • Checkout or updates

Amazon Prime Error Code 3565: Reasons and Solutions

What is Amazon Prime Video Error 3565?

This error due to the failure of payment, and the error message suggest that the payment has been failed or declined and the payment is invalid. Error Code 3565.' It affects the Prime Video.

Reasons behind the Error code 3565 on Amazon Prime

There could be some issues with your credit card on file or other payment methods.

What could be possible ways to troubleshoot Amazon Prime Error 3565?
  • Update the settings

  • Now, you should change your device and try again

Amazon Prime Error Code plr_prs_call_failed: Reasons And Solutions

What is the error code plr_prs_call_failed amazon video?

This error could appear when you are trying to access the Amazon Prime Video app or on your FireTV. When this error occurs, it prevents you from playing any sort of content on the App. You can also receive an internet connection error with the code.

  • Amazon Fire TV stick
  • 4k Firestick
  • Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
Reasons behind it:
  • Issues related to geo-location
  • Problems related to Internet service providers
How to fix Error Code plr_prs_call_failed on Amazon Prime?
  • First of all, you must open your Amazon Prime Video on your TV

  • Now, just click “Settings”

  • Next. Choose the remote and get ready to manage the app option

  • Choose Prime video option

  • You should choose precise data and clear cache

  • Go back to the main menu and select the play button

Amazon Prime Error Code 3521: Reasons And Solutions

What is Amazon Prime Video Error code 3521?

When the user is trying to play a video on the Amazon Prime Video app, he can face this problem.

Reasons Behind Error Code 3521 on Prime Video
  • Outdated application
  • Cache
  • Corrupted data
How to fix it Prime Video Error 3521?
  • Restart the device and modem

  • Clear the app cache and app data

  • Reinstall the App

  • Restart your DNS Settings

  • Sign out and then sign in

Amazon Prime Error Code 6084: Reasons And Solutions

What is Amazon Error Code 6084?

While streaming Live on Amazon Prime, it is usual to face error 6084. Usually, the fault is with the provider. This error may also pop up when you are trying to log into Amazon Prime Video App. Error 6084 suggests that the server is now down and cannot function.

Reasons Behind Amazon Prime 6084 Error

Poor internet connectivity or down servers can cause this error 6084 on Amazon Prime. It affects the loading and streaming of the videos.

Get immediate resolution for Prime Video Error Code 6084
  • You must check your internet connection

  • Now, open a new Browser Tab

  • Update your device and Reinstall the App

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I keep getting an error message on Amazon Prime?

Even though Amazon Prime is a top-notch platform for streaming online videos, some technical errors are associated with the same. Sometimes it is due to a poor or unstable internet connection, and sometimes because of the down server. To get rid of this, you need to check the Amazon Prime error messages popping up on your screen and follow the step-by-step troubleshooting guidelines.

Is the Prime video server down?

A lot of status checker websites give a complete insight into the Amazon Server. You can open the web browser, go to such websites and check if the server is down or not. If yes, this is probably why Amazon Prime is not working.

Why is my Prime Video not working?

Due to slow internet, improper installation, or if the server is down. In such cases, you will face the issue while using Prime. Generally, it gets fixed if you reset the modem or router.

Why does Amazon Prime keep stopping?

While streaming on Amazon Prime, if you notice that the video is stopping suddenly, it means that there could be issues with the internet, software, or hardware.

How to download Amazon Prime Offline Video on Windows and Mac Devices?

When facing issues with Prime Video Streaming, it is better to opt for offline downloading options. Yes, now you can easily download the Amazon Prime Video with the help of KeepStream software hassle-freely on both Mac and Windows devices. The good part is that if you download the software with the help of KeepStream , you get the benefits of downloading subtitles. Now, to know how to do it, let's check out the steps.

  • Downloading the KeepStream software and later installing it is recommended
  • Now, open the app, and then look for Amazon Prime's icon
  • After visiting Prime, log in to it.

  • Look for the video and start with the download process

  • Downloading the subtitles and audio tracks are also an option
  • You will find the "Ready to Download" button, just click on the same; and that is it.

We hope that this blog helped you get rid of standard error codes that caused Amazon Prime not working on TV. If the issues are not resolved, you can try downloading it offline with the help of the guidelines we have mentioned above.

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BBFly Amazon Prime Downloader
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BBFly Amazon Prime Downloader
BBFly Amazon Prime Downloader
Download Popular Movies and TV, Originals from Amazon Prime Video in 1080p.
Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
Provide you an Easy-to-Use option to download Prime Video movies in 1080p.
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FlixPal Amazon Prime Downloader
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